Janome 2212 Sewing Machine Review 

While purchasing a new product, one needs to keep a lot of crucial things in mind. One needs to consider aspects right from their roots till the top. Being a designer or learning to be a designer is never an easy job. It takes a lot of practice, ideas, innovation, technique, functions to master your skill, and curate a great stitch.

What if we notify you that we have a perfect lead to all of these? A product that has it all and is a power pack performer? Yes, we’re talking about the multi-functional sewing machine; Janome 2212.  

Janome 2212 Sewing machine

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

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Every sewing machine is distinct from one another however what matters is the features and functions it offers to the end-user. Since this machine is completely mechanical you never have to stress about your electricity bills. This machine is extremely famous for its durability and efficient functioning.

This brand is great and has a massive number of consumers. Janome has its name for a special thing which is the warranty it offers to their customers on their products. 

Salient Features of Janome 2212 Sewing Machine 

Energy Efficient 

As this sewing machine offers complete reliability to its customers, Janome 2212 is great with energy efficiency. So you never have to worry about your electricity bills and freely stitch 24/7. 

Free Arm Space 

The machine is designed to offer you a completely free arm space, which helps you in stitching your material without restrictions. Hemming and stitching round or in such directions becomes easier because of this feature. 

Dial Button 

Being organized makes all the tasks easier. To make sure that the user has stress free experience, the dial present on the sewing machine helps you select your desired options with just a turn. 


This model, in particular, is smaller than the other models from Janome available. Nevertheless, it’s size has nothing to do with the ability it has to perform all the tasks. This compact machine is ideal for your tiny house as it consumes no great space. 


Though this sewing machine is a mechanical one, it still has the great ability to make perfect stitches. With the reviews, we analyzed freshers are amused and exceptionally happy with the stitches this machine makes even when compared to the automated sewing machines.  This machine makes 860 stitches per minute. 

12 built-in stitches 

This sewing machine offers you 12 different types of stitching patterns and these are all inbuilt. As a fresher, you have great choices to explore from zig-zag stitches, knit stitches, darning stitch, to decorative shell stitches. It’s just so perfect. 


This is the basic feature everyone certainly looks for. Having a buttonhole makes your work a lot easier. This machine has a four-step buttonhole feature to add additional convenience to your stitching. 

Feed Dog Drop

This feature helps you stitch in absolutely free motions without any hassle or restrictions. 

LED Light 

Stitching keenly can cause a lot of stress and eyesight issues. This machine has an LED light specifically focusing on the stitching area so that you don’t have to put extra pressure on your eyes. 

Additional Accessories

The machine arrives with a user manual perfectly explained in respective languages. It comes with a storage box which can be seen in the extension table. Apart from these, the machine comes along with bobbins, seam rippers, needles, and a screwdriver. 

What We Like

  • This machine is extremely lightweight 
  • Sufficient for every type of material and fabric 
  • It’s an energy-efficient sewing machine 
  • Free arm support lets you do the hemming properly
  • Perfect product for freshers 
  • Comes with 25 years of warranty 
  • Makes good stitches 
  • Worth for the value 
  • Easy threading 

What We Dislike

  • The needle threading is not automated 
  • Bobbin needs to be loaded from the front 
  • A restricted number of stitches 
  • Pressure footer cannot be adjusted 


So here we have mentioned all the important details about the best sewing machine attainable in the market. You wouldn’t be surprised by the way this machine works. This is certainly made for a beginner, so it’s going to be your best supporter.

Its features are perfect for you to practice with and it is also amazing for experienced people. This sewing machine is perfectly reliable for years of usage. Don’t stress much and go buy this efficient piece for yourself. 

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