Top 10 Best Sewing Kit for Tailoring In India 2020

To enhance the sewing experience, you can easily find plenty of sewing kit and accessories which can ease up the work and boost productivity for sure. There are many companies coming up with affordable kits which are full of basic items that are mostly required by every person. If you want the best experience to sew clothes then you can consider this guidepost.

Here, we are mentioning the top 10 best sewing kit which is reviewed as the best one and they have all the basic features. Keep in mind that our mentioned products are based on the basic need and it may change as per your need. Our arranged list is for intermediates and beginners but the best thing is, a beginner can start now and get better with the accessories and kit which will help for sure.

Built quality is surely the necessary factor, and we are focusing on other factors like the number of units, durability and the impressive design which can ease up the work for most of people.

1. LifeMaster Travel Sewing Repair KIT

LifeMaster Travel Sewing Repair KIT

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Having a sewing repair kit will let you fix clothes and patches in seconds and without making many efforts. LifeMaster Travel Sewing Repair KIT is a reliable choice and it is manufactured by Lifemaster brand and all the basic tools are good to fix common issues. The price is also affordable which makes it better to prefer.

It is a compact size kit and all the tools are fit in a single unit. Lightweight design makes it easy to carry during travel and for a beginner, this unit comes with all the tool that you need. As there are plenty of tools in a single unit or pack, you are saving time and money because it will cost a higher amount as you opt for them separately.

2. Kurtzy Tailoring Sewing Kit Multipurpose Accessories

Kurtzy Tailoring Sewing Kit

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A hard plastic case with large storage for color thread and a top unit for basic stuff makes it one of the reliable choice. Kurtzy Tailoring Sewing Kit Multipurpose Accessories comes at a very affordable price point with the quality thread, scissors, 4 automatic machine bobbin, and many other tools which make it a better choice to opt for.

The plastic box is sturdy and it will last for years. In case you use all the thread units offered in the product, you can add another one as well as you can opt for the desired color. Isn’t it a great choice? One of the best things is, it is easy to open and close along with the different compartment for different things which can help you get the work done in a couple of of minutes.

3. Lovely home Zipper Portable and Mini Sew Kit for Travelers

Lovely home Zipper Portable and Mini Sew Kit

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One of the portable choice in our list is lovely home Zipper Portable and Mini Sew Kit for Travelers. It is also the cheapest with all the necessary tool in a small size format. There are different sized pockets to dedicate areas for specific things. You are getting 40 different color thread with the purchase and there are some common things that every other person want.

Having the magnifying glass will make you feel ease when it comes to passing thread out of a needle. So, you can say that this product gives an easier choice for most of the new buyers and they can rely on the purchase. Measuring tape is also offered. The best thing is, this product includes most of the basic tools which are required by every person.

4. Reglox Multipurpose Tailoring Sewing Kit- SW01

Reglox Multipurpose Tailoring Sewing Kit

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With the number of positive reviews and effective storage compartment, you are going to love the purchase of Reglox Multipurpose Tailoring Sewing Kit- SW01. The best thing is, there is 26 color thread offered with the purchase which is making it reliable. From color chalk to measuring tape, there is almost every single thing in this product.

It is great to consider when it comes to travel with a small sized kit which can help you rely on it. Even, it has a sturdy case that is easy to lock. For the new users of the sewing machine, this kit is perfect to use. Even, this low price makes this product as the best product that you can spend money without any issue.

5. AM Acrylic Sewing Travel Kit

AM Acrylic Sewing Travel Kit

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For the low price, you can go with the purchase of AM Acrylic Sewing Travel Kit because it has a small design to keep thread units and there is one upper chamber to keep other stuff. From bobbin to all pins, there are plenty of units offered in this product at the very lower price point. It is reliable for small accessories.

Having a transparent acrylic cover eases up the work as you can have a clear view of threads inside the travel kit. The only issue we think which can make you rethink about the purchase is no needle compartment. You can keep small sized needles for sure but they don’t have any specific unit so you should rethink before the purchase.

6. BESTONZON Sewing Kit Bundle

BESTONZON Sewing Kit Bundle

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For little bit expensive price point and the great design, you can easily go with the purchase of BESTONZON Sewing Kit Bundle. In this unit, you are going to avail all the basic accessories like needles, scissors, thread, all pin and a lot more. A white color pencil is also added so that you can mark the measurements.

For the first time buyers, the price of BESTONZON Sewing Kit Bundle may seem like the bad choice but it is not that much expensive as you look at the features. The unit is very small, lightweight and easy to consider during travel. Having 40 colorful thread eases up the work that’s why you can go for this product over the selection of any other.

7. Perfect Life Ideas Multipurpose Tailoring Sewing Kit

Perfect Life Ideas Multipurpose Tailoring Sewing Kit

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All the useful accessories are offered by the Perfect Life Ideas Multipurpose Tailoring Sewing Kit which is required to most of the sewers. It doesn’t matter that if you are a professional or a newbie, the use of all these tools will enhance the productivity that’s why you can consider these as the most affordable choice and you can rely on the purchase for sure.

Keep it in mind that the built quality and the design is one of the most important factors and this tool kit is built of high-quality plastic so that you can find it one of the sturdy choice. Having all the basic kits make this product reliable to consider but another factor that you should be thinking is the price which seems bit high as you look at the built and design.

8. Sewing Solution’s – Multipurpose Tailoring Kit Essentials

Sewing Solution's - Multipurpose Tailoring Kit

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People who prefer higher built quality product but don’t want to spend a too big amount of money then they can opt for the purchase of Sewing Solution’s – Multipurpose Tailoring Kit Essentials. It is reliable because it has a transparent acrylic design which gives you a clear view of inner items. You can easily access to all other tools.

Having a large design mean that you will get ease to place necessary stuff in this unit. Most of the people are preferring this due to higher built quality, great design and all the features then you can go with this product without any issue. This multipurpose kit is also offering needle threader to get ease during the use of this product.

9. Pindia Multipurpose Rectangular Sewing Tailoring Kit

Pindia Multipurpose Rectangular Sewing Tailoring Kit

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Very low-priced product with very simple design in our list is Pindia Multipurpose Rectangular Sewing Tailoring Kit which is reliable for most of the newbie. This transparent kit gives you a clear view of what is inside and you can use this product with ease. You can keep buttons, scissors, needles and a lot more stuff in this single unit where all the compartments are of a genuine size.

Due to the lower price, this kit is a great choice that’s why you can prefer it without a single issue. the only reason that we are not keeping this product in top of our list is poor built quality and lower space for the thread units. Apart from that, most of the people want a genuine tailoring kit instead of a cheap one so this product is not for everyone.

10. Aeoss Sewing Kit for Traveler, Adults As Well As Beginners

Aeoss Sewing Kit

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No doubt that most of the people want to grab the best traveler kit tool for their great tailoring experience. So, you can rely on the purchase of Aeoss Sewing Kit for Traveler. This one is a mid-range product with all the premium features in a single unit. There is no way that any product falls from this kit because it has a different compartment to keep everything on the right place for safer use.

When it comes to storing needles, there is a small compartment that you can use without a single issue. Most of the people found this product as the best choice that’s why you can try it without a single issue. Having needles, threads, scissors, buttons, thimble, and threader tools can ease up the work that’s why you can try out without any issue.

Buying Guide for the Best Sewing Kit

Different types of sewing machines call for different types of sewing accessories kit. It is completely natural to not know a lot about the right kit for your machine. Given below are a few factors you must consider before buying the right embroidery kit

  • Material – If you pay the price for something, it is important to check the quality of the product in question. Often these sewing thread box is made of fiber, even of plastic at times. These materials are fragile. It is advised to look for a stronger kit to make it last longer. 
  • Quality of the contents inside – At times, even if you pay a reasonable price, you may receive a kit with quality below par. Even the best tailoring accessories online India can be quantity over quality, which is not what most customers would like. Therefore, before buying sewing threads online or the whole kit, always go through reviews and make a decision. 
  • The total content of the kit– A sewing kit generally comes with a bobbin case, trimmers, tape measure, hooks, different sizes of the bobbin, pearl needles, buttons, stitch unravelled, and a needle threader. Before buying your desired kit, check for all these basic items. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) How to know that my machine needs servicing?

Any machine needs servicing from time to time. However, the amount and frequency of sewing depend on how much you use the machine and what sort of work is done on it. A lot of fabrics, such as cotton fabrics or cotton threads, are capable of creating lint buildups, and your machine might require regular servicing. Also, if your machine is sitting ideal for a long time, the lubricants present might dry up, which also needs to be fixed. 

2) What if the machine is skipping stitches?

A bent needle, which needs fixing, is the primary reason for the machine to skip stitches. 

The Final Verdict

After going through a huge number of products, we found that most of the products are not reliable to consider. Our mentioned product list is good enough to cover all the products that you may want to buy.

Buying all these units separately will cost you the higher amount that’s why you should go after the mentioned kits and think about their built quality and price factor to ensure whether it will fulfill the need in right manner or not.