10 Best Mini Sewing Machines In India 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

A lot of us love to create beautiful things for the home and for people. One of the most popular hobbies among people is creating fashionable clothes or creating beautiful items out of fabric. One gadget that can prove to be really handy for such things is the sewing machine.

No, we are not talking about the bulky sewing machines that you would have seen decades ago but we are talking about the sewing machines available for home use. These are the electronic avatar of the machines so you do not have to use your hand to rotate the wheel.

Best Mini Sewing Machines

Presently, there are many different models available in the Indian market which are certainly perfect for home use. They are easy to use and they have multiple uses. In addition to this, they are also very compact and affordable.

All these factors make the sewing machine an attractive option for the home. You can purchase it for yourself or you can even gift it to a friend. If you had also been looking for a mini sewing machine but if you are not able to find it yet, then you are at the right place as we have listed some of the best available mini sewing machines in this article. Let us move ahead and check out more details.

Best Buy Mini Sewing Machine Online in India

Here is the list of top 10 mini sewing machines available in India

1. Vivir Electric 4 in 1 Household Mini Sewing Machines

Vivir Electric 4 in 1 Household Mini Sewing Machines For...

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This is the first machine on our list and it is one of the best-selling machines available in the market. The machine is portable and very useful. A lot of professional tailors have also started using this machine. The machine has exceptional capabilities when it comes to sewing fabric like Denim and Velvet. Talking more about the features, you get double threads, and two speed controls here.

You also get several accessories included in the box which include 4 bobbins, 1 needle, 1 threader, 1-foot pedal, and 1 adapter. Since there is a foot pedal available with the machine, it becomes very easy to control the speed. It also makes it easy to use the machine. You can get really clean professional work with the help of this machine.

Another add-on here is that there is a focus light that provides you enough light towards the needle. This light helps you during stitching the fabric and it also ensures higher accuracy.

  • Comes with a foot pedal
  • Has 2-speed options
  • Supports the stitching of thick fabric like denim and velvet.

2. Qualimate Sewing Machine Mini Household Sewing Machine

Qualimate Portable Mini Sewing Machine for Home Use with...

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The next one on our list is from Qualimate and this is yet another compact sewing machine that can take care of small jobs at home. It is also enough to take care of professional jobs. You can easily stitch clothes, alter clothes, and do all the other sorts of activities with the machine.

This machine also comes with a swindle knob which can alter the direction of stitching easily. The best part is that it provides double stitching to you which makes the stitch very strong and reliable. There are several accessories included in the package which include Bobbins, Needle, Foot Pedal, Needle Threader, and a power adapter. The size of the machine is also very compact.

You can get accustomed to this machine in just 10 minutes of usage and this would help you in making beautiful fashion dresses for yourself at home without spending money on a tailor. The multi-functional machine is all you need for your home.

  • Compact machine with optimal functionality
  • 2-speed settings are available and can be controlled via Foot pedal
  • Reliable stitching machine with a good quality build.

3. HNESS Multi Electric Mini 4 in 1 Desktop Functional

HNESS Multi Electric Mini 4 in 1 Desktop Functional...

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On number 3, we have another efficient sewing machine which is meant for household use. The machine is marketed and sold by Gopani and it is certainly very affordable as well. The machine offers the required functionality to the people who need a machine at home.

Just like other machines present in the list, you get the usual features which include the dual-speed functionality and double threading. The double stitches make it very easy to stitch the sleeves and other joints that need high strength. The chain lock stitching supported by this machine is certainly of a high utility factor for everyone.

The manufacturer also provides the commonly available accessories like the bobbins, needle, foot pedal and even a needle threader. Apart from this, you also get a power adapter which basically eliminates the need to purchase anything additional.

  • Comes with bobbins, needles, needle threader, foot pedal, and a power adapter.
  • Supports chain lock stitching which makes the stitches very strong.
  • Has dual-speed control which can be adjusted with hand or with help of the foot pedal that is supplied with the machine.

4. HB Mall Mini Portable Sewing Machine for Home use

HB Mall India Multi Electric Mini 4 in 1 Desktop Functional...

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If you are looking for something that is very affordable then this could be the best choice for you. This machine is available on online retailers for less than Rs 1000 as per a special deal. The machine has all the features that you need to do minor stitching jobs or to repair a fabric.

It is a complete package that comes with 2-speed options and even foot pedals. The build quality is good and the manufacturer also provides all the basic accessories as per the standard.

In addition to the details mentioned above, the machine is easy to use and you can use the machine to even stitch the thick fabrics like that of denim. This means that the torn jeans would not worry about you anymore.

  • Easily stitches thick fabric and hence enables you to alter your denim at home
  • Come with features like dual speed options.
  • Has a compartment underneath where you can store buttons and needles easily.

5. Willsbury Mini Multi-Functional Portable Sewing Machine

ELECTROPRIME Willsbury Mini Multi Functional 4 in 1 Desktop...

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Are you tired of using traditional machines which are not only bulky but also lacks basic features? Well, do not worry as this product from Willsbury can eliminate all such complaints. The machine is not just portable but it is also very easy to use.

The machine comes with a focus light as well which ensures that you do not get a headache because of strained eyes. Talking about other features, you also get features such as dual-speed control, foot pedal compatibility, and needle threader with this machine.

You get a user guide with the machine which talks about the setting up of the machine. Overall, it would not take over 10 minutes of your time to set up the machine and start using it. You have a choice to use it by hand or to use it with a foot pedals

  • A highly versatile machine which is very easy to use
  • Comes with various standard accessories including a power adapter and a foot pedal
  • Supports dual-speed stitching and has a cross-stitching setting available.

6. Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing...

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This sewing machine from Mescada is also one of the most affordable machines available in India. The machine is an electrical one which can help you in quickly doing the stitching jobs. This can really prove to be a perfect machine for you if you need help with a child’s school project or even a fancy dress competition.

Apart from this, the machine can help college students with their assignments and especially if they are pursuing fashion designing. The machine is portable and hence you can even carry this machine with you.

The manufacturer provides a foot pedal, bobbins, needles, needle threader, and a power adapter with the machine. These tools prove to be quite handy especially when you are using it for small repairs.

  • The compact and durable design which comes with support for foot pedals.
  • The machine is also able to stitch thick cloth material like denim.
  • You can use various speed settings along with the foot pedal. It takes just one button to alter the speed as per your needs.

7. Belanto Sewing Machine Electric Handheld Sewing Machine

Belanto Sewing Machine Electric Handheld Sewing Machine Mini...

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On number 7, we have a mini sewing machine from Chillaxplus. This is yet another best seller in the market and it is actually loaded with the features. To begin with, this is an electronic machine and it comes with a light that redirects the light towards the needle.

The light ensures that you do not have to strain your eyes and you are able to work easily during the low light conditions as well. The lamp can be turned on or turned off as per your needs. You can easily adjust speed as this machine also comes with 2-speed settings. With a press of a button, you can toggle between low and high speed.

You can connect the machine to the foot pedal which is also supplied with the machine and in addition to this, you can run the machine on the battery as well. It is certainly worth all the investment

  • True value for money as it comes with several features that are otherwise missing in other sewing machines.
  • Comes with a warranty of 3 months
  • Can also run on batteries or a power supply. The machine can work on 4 AA batteries

8. Hetarmi Enterprise Portable Mini Lightweight Sewing Machine

Hetarmi Enterprise Portable Mini Lightweight Cordless...

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We all love sewing machines and products which are available at an affordable price. This machine from RH mart is another such product which can prove to be hand at home if you need to make small repairs or if you need it for stitching something.

The general features contain the dual speed option and the use of foot pedal. In addition to these features, you also get a button to cut the thread once the stitching is done. This helps you in eliminating the usage of the scissors. Overall, the quality of the machine is good and it can last a long time if you need it only for minor jobs.

There is also a compartment present in the machine which can store various things like buttons, needles or threader. The machine is also having a good grip which enables you to use it as per your comfort.

  • The sturdy yet compact model which is available for home use
  • Has a compartment at the bottom that can hold small accessories and buttons.
  • Comes with a dual-speed option for quick stitching.

9. FD Sewing Machine Electric Handheld Sewing Machine

FD Creation FD Sewing Machine Electric Handheld Sewing...

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This sewing machine from the right choice is actually the right choice for the users who need a compact and easy to use a sewing machine. The quality is so amazing that you can even stitch as many as 4 layers of denim at once. This ensures that you not only get the proper utility but you are also able to utilize your skills to create fashionable items.

Apart from the features listed above, you also get an automatic bottom line rewind in this machine which also adds on to the convenience of use for you.

Another unique feature is that the machine can work on AA batteries. That is right, even if you do not have electricity at home, just plug in 4 AA batteries in this machine and get going. You will get enough backup to work with the machine. Apart from this, you also get a power adapter to run the machine on the power supply.

  • Supports foot pedal and is supplied with one.
  • Can function at 2 speeds and it also has support for AA batteries
  • Offers a durable chain locking system.

10. Rexez Electric Craft Mini Lightweight Sewing Machine

Rexez Electric Craft Mini Lightweight Stitch Handheld...

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If you are not yet satisfied with the products listed above then do not worry as this product will surely impress you completely. This is not just a sewing machine but it is a complete kit that is available. You get a lot of items with this machine and we are going to talk about them a little later. In terms of features, you get a focus light and an inbuilt cutter. There is also support for a power adapter and foot pedal.

Talking about the accessories, you get a thread cutter, metal bobbins, needles, threaders, foot pedal, 10 thread reels, scissor, stitch removal tool, 15 press buttons, needle set and measuring tape with the machine. You have two options while purchasing this machine.

You can either choose the complete kit or you can choose the machine only for your daily use. Overall, the machine would not disappoint you and the kit will certainly save a lot of money

  • The option of purchasing the whole stitching kit is available
  • You can go ahead and use batteries or power supply to run the machine
  • Durable and comes with a focus light as well.

List of Best Mini Sewing Machines

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How much electricity does a sewing machine consume?

Sewing machines are not very energy-consuming appliances. Especially when compared to other home appliances, we use on a regular basis; the consumption of the sewing machine is very nominal. Most of the machines run their motor in 40 to 70 watts of power.  

  1. What are the different accessories that come with sewing machines?

The manufacturers of sewing machines deliver sewing machines with a host of sewing accessories for a smoother sewing experience. The pack of accessories includes power cords, bobbins, darning plate, different stitching foot, cleaning brush, pack of needles, thread spool cap, spool pin felt, seam ripper, screwdriver, dust cover, etc.  

  1. Can my regular sewing machine perform quilting?

Different tools are needed to perform different specialized tasks. If you have the circular stitching feature and a free-motion foot, then you can use it for quilting. But if you don’t, then first acquire the required tools or buy a machine that is able to make quilts then start quilting.   

  1. How often a sewing machine needs cleaning?

It completely depends on how frequent and heavy-user you are. Generally, cotton fabrics are more like to build up lint than any other fabrics. If you regularly work on your machine and you work on mostly cotton fabrics, then you should get your machine cleaned every few months.

And, if you are not using your machine for a long time then again you should need proper cleaning and servicing of your machine. Because if you don’t use any machine for a long time, the lubricants of the machine dry out and cannot function properly after a certain period.   

  1. Which sewing machine is best for home use?

Every household requires sewing emergencies. The mini sewing machines from famous brands come with many convenient and easy to use sewing presets for easy use. So, every sewing hobbyist and enthusiast has a sewing machine at their homes. The modern machines even come with several safety features for safer sewing. The two best brands for household uses are – Usha sewing machines and Singer sewing machines.   

  1. How do I thread the needle?

Modern sewing machines come with an automatic threading feature. If not that, some of the machines include a threading aid tool with their accessories tool-kit. You can thread the needle with the help of those tools. Otherwise, it can be a very difficult task to perform without these tools.  

  1. Should I buy a branded sewing machine or a local-made one?

The answer to this question depends entirely on your considerations. Ask yourself why you need this machine for, how heavy-user you are, what do you want from the machine, etc. But according to us, if you have the budget, you should always go for branded ones for any electronic machines like this.

The best sewing machines in India in 2020 come with many user-friendly features. Moreover, the branded machines come with a warranty which is a very good thing. You cannot trust the local-made machines completely.  

  1. What are the benefits of having a sewing machine? 

Having a sewing machine at your home can be helpful in many ways.  

  • Save a lot of your valuable time and money  
  • It can reduce human effort  
  • Allows you to design your own dresses, make any DIY crafts, stitch on the clothes of your choice and so on  
  • They are easy to use and maintain  
  • Supports many different types of fabrics  
  1. Why do the needles break?

Needle breaking can happen due to many reasons –  

  • If your needle does not fit properly  
  • Continuous use on a hard fabric at a stretch can be a reason for breaking  
  • If you wrong thread and fabric with the wrong needle, then it might break  
  • Pulling the fabric while sewing can also result in breakage 

What Things to Look Before Buying a Mini Sewing Machine?

There are certain factors that you need to consider while making the purchase of a mini sewing machine. We have listed some of these factors below

Type of Machine – The first thing that you need to select while purchasing the sewing machine is the type of machine you are purchasing. Most of the machines that you will find inthe market are electronic ones. You can check if you can use the machine only for stitching or if you can also do mild embroidery with the help of the machine. Many of the models are 4 in one which is certainly better than the others.

Programmable Settings and Accessories – Check for the different programmable settings available in the machine. Map it up with the settings that you would need or the settings that would have utility for you. Also, check for the accessories that you are getting with the machine. Most of the time, the manufacturer will provide you with extra needles and other such accessories.

Portability – You can also check the portability of the machine. It is certainly better to have a compact machine but at the same time, you need to ensure that the machine has a good grip and it is not too small for you to work on it. Check the weight of the machine and you can also check the type of box that you get for the purpose of storage.

Speed Control – Another important feature is the presence of speed control. There are some cheap models available that don’t support speed control and you need to avoid those ones. We recommend you to purchase the ones with the speed control. This feature will prove to be really handy.

Stitching Modes – There are machines that come with different stitching modes. This helps you in avoiding a lot of manual work which would have otherwise taken a lot of hand movements. It is again one of the recommended features as it can help you in obtaining a different kind of stitches while using the machines

Needle Threader – Again, this has become the norm to have an automatic needle threader. This was earlier considered to be as one of the toughest jobs about stitching but the machine has taken over this job from humans. So, to make it easy for yourself to stitch, you can check out if the machine comes with a needle threader.

Foot Pedals – Next feature to check is the foot pedal. You can check if the machine comes with a foot pedal or if it supports foot pedal. It can make things really fast for you and convenient as well. Depending on your preference, you can choose for this feature.

Warranty – Check for the warranty available and you also need to check what all is covered under warranty. This would help you in ensuring that you are safeguarded against any type of manufacturing defect or malfunctioning.

Cost – The last factor to consider is the cost of the machine. You can check what fits into your budget but at the same time, do not opt for locally made cheap machines that come without a warranty. The machine is going to last for over years so better to invest a little more than to regret later.

What Are The Benefits of Owning a Mini Sewing Machine?

There are also many benefits of owning a mini sewing machine. Let us now have a look at these points

  • You end up saving a lot of money. The cost of tailors are increasing every day and in such a case, the smallest job can cost you hundreds of rupees. With the help of the machine, you can save several rupees.
  • You can create your own design and follow your passion. You can experiment with clothes and do a lot without any external help. If your machine supports embroidery then you can go ahead and do the mild embroidery work as well. This certainly gives you a sense of accomplishment as well.
  • If you have free time and if you are not working then you can take up stitching jobs from your neighborhood. This will help you in earning some money and you will also be able to polish your skill set.
  • The machine can help you in giving a makeover to your home. In addition to this, you can easily kill time and improve your mental health as well. This can sharpen your mental ability, improve concentration, and improve hand-eye coordination.

With so many benefits, we are sure that you do not mind investing in a sewing machine and purchase the one which helps you in multiple ways.

How to Use a Mini Sewing Machine

People love using sewing machines but not many of them exactly know the accurate procedure for using it. So we have compiled a list of checkpoints and how to use a mini sewing machine for you down below. Read along.

Here are the checklist first things first.

  • Make sure that the machine is correctly threaded on and the cloth is placed at the right place.
  • Always make sure to have the thread spool placed on the threaded spindle and have the thread passed through the front of the machine.
  • Then check whether the thread has been tugged between the guider and two washers.
  • You can also raise the needle to see if the thread has been correctly guided.
  • Raise the presser foot and make sure that the lever is at the appropriate level.
  • Make sure that the bottom and side bobbins are correctly placed and threaded.
  • You have to position the cloth with the seam facing towards you and then place it between the presser and the area between the presser foot.
  • Now turn the handwheel clockwise and then lock the seam and then the fabric will stich flawlessly.
  • Now once everything is in place then you can then switch on the power button and then you can press the fabric through with the presser feet.
  • Stich the cloth to your liking and then you can pull the cloth towards you and you can trim the thread as close as you want to the material.
  • Leave any of the excess thread loose so that you can then stitch the clothes again in another session.

Note: Normally mini sewing machines run on batteries but there are also some mini sewing machines that run on the foot pedal. If your mini sewing machine is a pedal device then you can use it via foot pedal when the power on the sewing machine is switched off.

Some additional tips to use the mini sewing machine

Always look to make sure that you are using the safety means properly while using the mini sewing machine. Here are some of those.

  • Keep the sewing machine off when you are threading the needle.
  • Also, have the motor case of the machine preadjusted in the factory and never do it yourself. If any issue occurs please take the machine to the repair shop.
  • Always ensure that there is proper threading in the machine.
  • As and whenever there is any breakage of the needle, first switch off the machine, and then you can replace the needle.

Bottom Line

There are many different models available in the market and you can easily choose among the ones available. In case of confusion, you can refer to the buying guide and you will be able to figure out the best sewing machine as per your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the deals on your favorite product.

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